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Why Choose RACK59 as Your Data Center Provider?

Powerful, Flexible Connectivity


Choose your fiber provider or receive RACK59’s fast, balanced bandwidth blend.


Never loose connectivity due to a single provider outage.


Varying speeds, cross-connects, meet-me-rooms, and other options allow fully custom network solutions.


Up to 100 Gbps speeds plus MPLS and both dark and lit fiber networks enable blazing speeds and low latency.


Proximity to Oklahoma City’s fiber hotels including 7725 CONNECT and 201 Robert S Kerr

Customized Data Center Services

Customized data center service is one of the attributes that make RACK59 such an attractive solution for companies looking to colocate their equipment and a primary reason why our customers never leave. We offer a variety of customized data center services. Our seasoned staff can facilitate everything from configuring network switches to provisioning MPLS circuits to implementing 3 phase power. Below are a few of the services we offer:

  • Cisco Engineers
  • Network Engineers
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Licensed Electrician
  • Software Developer
  • Software Programmer
  • Remote Hands
  • Managed Services
  • SQL Programmer


Flexible IT Configuration

RACK59 provides ultimate flexibility to suit your IT colocation configuration.

As data continues to become the most important asset a company has, storage flexibility becomes equally important. RACK59 offers its customers the ability to contractually reserve additional rack space within the data center without paying a reservation fee until that space is utilized. We believe this flexibility gives our customers the peace of mind to know that their racks will be located next to one another instead of across the data center as you see in other providers’ location.

Whether you need to start with a half rack and expand into a full rack or start with five racks and expand into seven, RACK59 is ready and capable to serve your data center IT configuration needs.

High Reliability

Reliability is one of the main reasons companies choose colocation which is why RACK59 takes it very seriously.

We understand that your network and equipment must be consistent and always available. RACK59 takes reliability so seriously that we named the company to reflect the 99.999% uptime that we provide to our clients.

We provide clients with blended BGP mesh bandwidth that has physically diverse entries into the facility separate fiber providers. Our network utilizes the different providers and pathways to the facility to find the lowest latency route possible at all times.

100% Power Uptime

RACK59 prides itself on providing 100% power uptime — Yes, 100%!

RACK59 works every day to ensure that we have 100% power uptime.

We accomplish this by having a true 2N power configuration. Our diverse-fed on-site substation, diverse generators, diverse water pumps, chillers, CRAC units, and UPSes provides our customers with unmatched confidence.


Uptime, 25 MW onsite substation and the power to drive your IT applications.


We can work on designs that will fit your needs with an entire private data center or just one rack.

Data Security

6 tier security system that protects your data.

Unmatched Support

Friendly and skilled team to help you and remote hands available around the clock.

Peace of Mind

Locally owned and operated data center with 24/7/365 monitoring.

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