5 Advantages of Colocation Services That Make Them So Popular

Colocation, abbreviated to colo in the tech circles is wildly rising into popularity, especially among small to medium-sized businesses. So, what is this fabled Colo? In simple words, it is the process where businesses hire space, management, and protection for their data and servers.

Usually, a colocation service provider will provide infrastructure, IT staff, and cooling for their clients.
With Oklahoma being the hotbed for a large number of new businesses and existing businesses that are quickly outgrowing their means, colocation data centers are in the rage.

Reasons Businesses Rely on Colocation

1 . Reliable 24/7 Support

Colocation centers offer redundant cooling systems, power, and communication to keep the servers connected. A team of onsite NOC engineers ensures that the equipment keeps functioning, and any snag that might have occurred is handled immediately.

2. Improved Performance

Closely following the first point, is the improved performance that a colocation center offers. No matter how clean and powerful a cooling system your office has, it doesn’t hold a candle to the superior facilities that a colo data center provides. Data infrastructure performs best in perpetually cool, dust-free environments and colocation service providers uphold the standards well enough. In fact, they also come with improved speed and superfast connectivity to multiple internet providers.

3. Saves Money

To store data in one’s office, the business to invest in constant surveillance, power and cooling systems. Doing so requires a significant amount of capex that can strain your budget. Colocation provides also offers better bandwidth at lower prices. It takes care of these power and facility costs.

4. Firm Security

A common concern among business owners is the physical security of their data and equipment. Colo providers hire an entire security team to mitigate physical threats and security breaches. Most colocation centers are located in buildings that are not as susceptible to natural disasters. The campus also has only a few, heavily guarded entry points.

The centers are also fitted with surveillance cameras to monitor suspicious activity. Employees are subjected to biometric verification (thumbprints, iris scans, facial recognition, etc.) Visitors are required to go through two-factor security (personal identification verification cards and passcodes) to gain access.

5. Easily Scalable

Colocation service providers provide easily scalable models to their clients. This is an essential component to growing (or downsizing) your business. You only need to pay for the infrastructure and services you are currently using. With colo, expanding a business no longer requires hiring more team members and equipment. You can simply leave that part to colocation providers.

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