5 Distinct Qualities to Look for in Your Colocation Provider

The internet is replete with advertisements for colocation providers but not many of them tell you how to choose a colo service for your own business.

Of course, the colocation service you choose depends on the results you are hoping to achieve. One can’t really define the best colocation provider since it is a rather relative title to bestow. However, there are some factors that you should consider when deciding on a colo service.

best colocation providers

#1 Location

Colocation centers are popular because they allow businesses to place workloads in specific geographical locations. One of the primary reasons this is so advantageous to companies is because it minimizes latency, among many other factors. Sometimes colocation providers build centers close to populated metropolia and other priority locations.

#2 Dependability

Colocation data centers offer the reliability of redundant networking and responsive power backups. Many colo companies also provide disaster recovery in case the customer loses data due to some unforeseen catastrophe. Nowadays data centers are also made to stand natural disasters like floods and tornadoes.

#3 Scalability

Don’t make the mistake of not being far-sighted enough. When you start your businesses, you must have had a vision that you wish to impart. Make sure that the colocation service providers you choose can accommodate your business’s growth. When a business scales up, you will need access to more power, cooling equipment, and space and you have to make sure the data center does not disappoint you.

#4 Managed Services

Managed colocation is the new rage among colo circles. In addition to storing your data, they also offer hardware support and installation, improved security services, and more. Managed services are ideal for business owners who need support managing their infrastructure.

#5 Security

Security protection is an essential component of deciding which colocation data center you should choose. Ask the service provider if they are PC1 or SOC2 compliant? Visit their facility and have a look at their physical security. Do they have electronic access cards? Is the compound monitored by CCTV cameras? Are there enough security personnel? Data is the new currency of the world market, make sure that no one can do anything fraudulent with it.

Oklahoma’s Trusted Colocation Data Center

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