5 Incredible Benefits That Makes Colocation So Popular

Colocation, nicknamed colo by industry veterans refer to the use of third-party hosting services to store your servers, network, and computing equipment. The data centers (aka hosting services) offer security, power, space, cooling components to their clients. Datacenter colocation companies are the ideal solution to a business’s IT and infrastructure needs. It is economical and especially popular among mid to small-scale businesses.

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Advantages of Data Center Colocation Services

Colocation has several benefits over on-premise data centers.

Improved Connectivity

Superior connectivity is one of the primary reasons why companies migrate to colo. A wide variety of internet service providers, network and cloud platforms lets you put together a network infrastructure to meet every specific need. Hybrid cloud architecture and cross-connections have it possible for the workload to function at maximum efficiency without running into issues every two steps. Essential data is now available to access any time of the day and critical applications can run without any interruption.

More Reliable And Secure

Colocation companies are putting up a good fight against data breaches. Employing more rigid and smarter security protocols by the minute.

Starting off with physical security, the colo data centers are situated at a consciously intended distance from the business’s HQ. The data is under 24/7 strict on-site monitoring headed by an adept IT team who smooths over any hiccup at the first sign of trouble. Moreover, the data center premises are often only accessible by electronic access cards thus keeping about suspicious intruders. They have also further tightened security by adding CCTV surveillance, effective fire prevention, and damage control.


Colo data centers are without a doubt the more economical option. The cost of setting up and maintaining an on-prem data center along with infrastructure and crew can be impossibly high to bear, especially for mid to small-sized businesses. Colocation lets you avail state of art IT services and infrastructure without costing an arm and a leg.

Room for Growth

The technical term for this would be scalability. In a similar vein to that of the previous point, data center colocation services offer an easy way to quell the demand for better, more powerful infrastructure that comes with the expansion of your business. Many colo facilities allow you to scale up to a hybrid model without having to bear the capital expenditure.

Colocation Has a Green Future

Previously carbon neutrality was rarely a viable option for smaller businesses, colocation changes that. Virtualizing reduces CPU usage by as much as 40-60%. This has a promising impact on the environment and takes a huge chunk off the carbon footprint. In fact, the latest stats say virtualizing 100 servers is the equivalent of planting 1569 trees.

One-stop Solution for All Your Data Needs

Datacenter colocation companies have taken the world by storm. They’re the next step to a future with impenetrably secure and highly optimized data services. Rack59’s 7layer security, superlative connectivity, and made-to-fit approach set it apart from the herd. Transform your business with us. Contact us to schedule a tour. You can also ask for a free assessment.