A Look Back at Wholesale Data Center Colocation

We have come up with a study of wholesale Data Center. A product is based on what the customer wants. In the time leading up to Carrier-1, the entire management team worked together to create The Planet and CoreXchange, two incredibly economical hosting offerings. These experiences and the help of some outstanding support employees have allowed us to build a model that allows our customers’ colocation and Data Center Service needs to expand at their own pace at a pricing point that makes sense for everyone involved.

Discovering deals and securing contracts can be a daunting task

Back in the early 2000s, there was a drive to make Data Centers carrier agnostic. A Colocation user could choose any network service provider they wanted for their internet connectivity, which meant they had a lot of flexibility. In terms of pricing and performance, the end user has benefited greatly from this. Managed Service neutrality is something that Carrier-1 has taken this notion to the next level. Cloud, Hosting, Software as a Service and other Managed Service solutions are so plentiful that Carrier-1 decided it was better to not compete with them and instead support all of the fantastic firms who provide them.

These services are increasingly being offered as a stand-alone product by most data centers in an effort to increase their revenue. As a result, they are now in direct competition with some of their own clients. A bad circumstance to find yourself in.

Carrier-1 chooses to champion their customers and their services over competing against them. A client’s services are promoted by me because when they succeed, we all benefit.

What makes Carrier-1 distinct from other wholesale data center providers?

When it comes to purchasing services at wholesale pricing, almost every supplier you compete with today wants a significant capital input from their client in order to purchase their services. Insisting on long-term contracts for big areas of space and protected power sources.

Wholesalers like Carrier-1 noticed a need in the industry for a wholesaler willing to work within clients’ genuine contractual constraints while also being flexible on project size and scope.

How many different types of tenants can you expect to attract with your solution?

When it comes to verticals such as banking/finance, healthcare and even government entities that require massive regulations and certifications to protect their data, we find that the best fit is with a tenant who provides some sort of technical managed service such as cloud hosting, Software as a Service or Disaster Recovery services.

When it comes to scalability and scope, many products have been built to be adaptable, which is precisely what a service provider needs, as they don’t always know exactly how much capacity they’ll need from the get-go. Their product or service may be excellent, but there is no way to predict when a need for more data center space arises.

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