All You Need to Know About Managed IT Services and Colocation Services

Your 21st century business depends upon a lot of IT work, but it’s nigh impossible to handle them all on your own unless you have a seriously large infrastructure. Otherwise, you will need the help of managed IT services and/or managed colocation services.

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What are Managed IT Services?

When a business wants to delegate its IT operations to another concern, it can do so with the help of managed IT services. This is provided by Managed Service Providers (MSP). An MSP will pick up the responsibility of handling a business’s IT systems in entirety or in part.

The details of the scope and purport of what services the MSP will render to the business is defined clearly in a Service Level Agreement. Which is a legally binding agreement that defines the nature and breadth of the managed IT services provided by an MSP, its liabilities, and the business’s remuneration for it.

Managed IT services include a lot of different IT segments. You may hire an MSP to take care of your following needs:

  • Applications software management
  • Network and connectivity
  • Payroll and human resources
  • Server management
  • Systems integration
  • Workstation hardware and software
  • Printing and document export
  • Backup and recovery solutions

What are Managed Colocation Services?

Organizations generally have to spend a fortune in both time and money to handle their data. They have to manage power, servers, storage hardware, space for the storage facility, cooling solutions and of course, experts to manage all that. In modern times, this is not very cost-effective and takes valuable time and resources away from the core business.

This is why, it is time to move your data worries on another’s shoulders. Managed colocation services, as a part of managed IT services, provide seamless migration of data solutions between a business’s existing systems to a data service provider. This includes system administration, physical hardware assistance, networking and equipment management, backups of servers, and self-sustained response monitoring.

Why Do You Need Managed IT Services?

  • Your colocation services provider will give you proactive support. You will no longer need to hunt down issues yourself — the MSP can take preventive measures.
  • MSPs will take away your IT related headache. Now you can focus on your core business instead of getting bogged down into IT nitpicks.
  • MSPs can provide you with strategic IT planning. This way, you can think ahead of time to face possible risks and mishaps. They will also help you to create workarounds to possible problems in the future.
  • Managed IT services are much more secure than in-house systems. They reduce crashes, downtimes, and infections by providing advanced hardware and software, and they are virtually an army of IT experts.

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