If you’re still uncertain cloud computing is right for your small business, here are the top 10 benefits that the cloud has to offer small businesses.

1. Lower costs – The cloud reduces dependency on excess hardware and software and maximizes your IT expenses. Instead of paying a flat rate for storage and data usage, you only pay for what you use.

2. Scalability – The cloud is a ubiquitous, elastic entity. It can stretch and shrink at will to fit the needs of a wide range of tasks, including application use. In times of higher traffic, the cloud scales up temporarily to suit the user’s increased needs, and shrinks when it is no longer in use.

3. Automated Updating – This takes the burden off of the shoulders of the IT guys, who will no longer need to worry about paying for expensive hardware and software upgrades.

4. Remote Access – Information is automatically synced via the Internet in a remote location. This allows anyone to access and update their information from any location as long as they are connected to the Internet.

5. Disaster Preparedness – Data is stored in external location away from the main office. In the event of natural disasters or fires, the data will always be backed up and there when you need it. Users no longer need to worry about losing important documents in the event of a power outage.

6. Ease of Use – You won’t need to depend on IT resources as much; cloud services are easy to set up and maintain. Instead, you will be able to focus your energy (and money) on areas that may need additional work.

7. Dependable Third-Party Vendors – Companies who offer cloud services are reliable and have several years of functional knowledge in the industry. They have great customer service for any concerns or problems you may have. The bottom line: you’ll be partnering with people who are qualified to handle your data.

8. Reaction Time – The cloud responds notoriously faster than physical servers.

9. Closing the Competition Gap – One of the biggest struggles a small business faces is competition from larger companies. By using cloud services, a small business is able to fight back by using the same powerful tools that top-profiting companies use. As an added bonus, you’ll only be paying a small fraction of the cost.

10. Customization – Shaping the cloud has limitless possibilities. Users have thousands of tools from various vendors directly at their fingertips. It’s a fully customizable space with endless potential.