Ever since the humble beginnings of data centers, enterprises around the world have relied on these infrastructures for effective data storage solutions. With today’s constantly shifting and evolving technologies, many on-prem data center facilities aren’t prepared to meet the needs of modern businesses. There are multiple solutions needed for these enterprises, including secure, abundant data storage and accurate analytics. Businesses must find a solution that meets their needs and provides the most advanced solutions while offering essential features that streamline their progress and growth. Instead of an outdated, on-prem data center, businesses need a colocation data center. 

Colocation data centers are growing in popularity for multiple reasons. Enterprises around the globe are choosing third-party rack space for housing their data. These shared centers are highly reliable with top physical and digital security. 

There are a number of features you will want to look for as you search for a colocation data center for your business. Check out the top three you should look for.

Flexibility in a Colocation Data Center

When it comes to colocation data centers, flexibility is essential. In fact, if you want to expand your IT operations, a lack of flexibility can really hold you back. When choosing a colocation center, make sure the center provides the flexibility you need to both contracts and expand your space, power, and connectivity requirements. Depending on your specific needs at the time, you will need the ability for expansion. This is especially important for companies that are settling into things and may need to make changes in equipment and their market. 

Agility in a Colocation Data Center

Agile data systems are able to move data easily and efficiently. Businesses that house their data in colocation data centers need to know that their data will be stored securely and easily accessible. Finding a carrier-dense data center is a good sign of agility. These centers have multiple internet service providers and carriers that ensure top data speed and capability. For an agile colocation data center option, make sure and choose a center that utilizes a large number of ISPs and provides uninterrupted connectivity. 

Scalability in a Colocation Data Center

Any colocation center should enable you to effectively manage and scale your IT infrastructure. This means you should be able to easily make changes that promote growth and shouldn’t be held back by specific boundaries of the center. You will have the ability to manage and control your system, making changes and decisions based on your growth needs, without the risks and costs of operating your own center. 

Choosing a Colocation Center

RACK59 is a colocation data center that offers flexibility, agility, and scalability, among numerous other essential features. We have a secure facility with multiple internet service providers, seamless connectivity, and a flexible location that enables you to make the decisions you need to grow and scale.