RACK59’s Carrier Hotel at 7725 W Reno Ave is Home to 27+ Internet Service Providers

Understanding the common characteristics of the most successful businesses is essential if you want to grow your own. One characteristic of successful businesses is that they are skilled in creating digital ecosystems which make their data accessible, secure, and reliable. To that end, many top businesses utilize carrier-dense data centers

What is a Carrier-Dense Data Center?

Carrier-dense data centers are focused on carrier neutrality first and foremost. That means they are independent, which allows them to work with numerous Tier-1 network providers. These internet service providers have installed their network equipment in the facility and have businesses services available to colocation tenants. Businesses that utilize these carrier-dense data centers are then able to connect directly with the carrier or carriers of their choice. 

How does the Business Connect to the Carrier?

Carrier-dense data centers set up a space called the meet-me room or carrier hotel. With the MMR, each colo customer can seamlessly connect with their carrier(s), while the carriers can also cross-connect with each other. 

Benefits of Carrier-Dense Data Centers

Any business that cares about growth, speed, reliability, flexibility, and safety, will want to use a carrier-dense data center. There are a number of benefits for businesses using these data centers, including productivity and scalability. 

Reasons to Choose a Carrier Dense Data Center

  • Data speed and capacity. With carrier-dense data centers, businesses are able to control their costs and reliability through bandwidth flexibility.
  • Large geographical reach for data transfers. Due to the competition present in data centers, businesses have a variety of options when it comes to network providers.
  • Flexibility and support. The infrastructure and staff of carrier-dense centers are able to meet the needs of a business during growth.
  • Redundancy and reliability. Successful businesses opt for more than one carrier, which provides them with reliable options in case of one network’s failure.
  • Peering networks. With carrier-dense data centers, peering networks can be used to share the load, increasing efficiency and reliability. Through efficient, sharing solutions, the business saves money and experiences greater speeds and flexibility. 

There are a number of additional benefits of carrier-dense data centers. More and more businesses are discovering the data management secret of successful companies and choosing the carrier-dense option in a data center.

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