Today, we would like to offer up 8 of the most common reasons businesses choose to use data center colocation to secure and connect with their IT infrastructure.

Companies that have their own fully functional IT infrastructure, skilled teams and strategy, but lack the capabilities to manage ever-changing power, space, cooling, and connectivity requirements, are often turning to data center colocation to meet these needs. A colocation facility can often allow IT managers the ability to more effectively manage the variable costs associated with supporting their IT infrastructure.

In no specific order, but let’s start with…

Reliable Physical Infrastructure

Setting up an on-premise, state-of-the-art data center requires a significant capex and maintenance investment. Considerable power upgrades, appropriate cooling systems and highspeed connectivity are often required to ensure constant access to IT equipment and business applications. Compromising on any of these upfront and ongoing maintenance expenses can lead to a direct negative impact on business and revenue performance. Professional data centers provide the necessary physical infrastructure needed to ensure smooth operations in the new digital economy.

Or how about…

Better Hardware Performance

To ensure optimal performance, electronic hardware systems must operate in a cool, power adequate and dust-free environment. Professional colocation data centers can provide this ideal and secure environment. Attempting to build and maintain high performance infrastructure in house can prove to be a costly and resource intensive endeavor for any size operation.

Our customers are also finding…

Improved Physical and Cyber Security

Be it sabotage, fire, theft, DDoS attack or other security risk, a professional data center can offer a multi layered, fully functional access control system to protect IT infrastructure, network and data assets from the most common of physical and cyber threats.

We would be remiss without mentioning…

Reduced Maintenance Costs

Heavy physical infrastructure for power, cooling and connectivity require regular maintenance and monetary re-investment. When you colocate your hardware, data centers have dedicated staff and maintenance agreements in place to ensure your hardware is operating in ideal conditions.

We can not forget…

Flexible Options and Scalability

Flexibility can become a significant frustration when companies are looking to expand or right-size their IT operations in their current on-premise location. By choosing a colocation data center, companies have the flexibility to expand or contract their power, space and connectivity requirements based on the specific needs of their gear at any chosen time. This flexibility can be a great savings to a company who is adjusting to market changes or pivots in their equipment needs.

My favorite…

Improved Connectivity Speed

Data centers provide access to multiple internet service providers and cost-effective, fast connections that ensure companies enjoy uninterrupted connectivity to their infrastructure and top performance when connected to the world wide web. Did I mention RACK59 is carrier neutral and can offer 24+ connectivity partners when you colo with us?

Is your gear safe? Let’ talk about…

Business Continuity & Risk Management

Emergencies occur, but your company’s operations do not necessarily have to be affected. You can minimize risk to your operation by storing your critical IT equipment at a colocation data center. With state-of-the-art security, power and cooling redundancies in place, colocation data centers are well positioned and designed to maintain your business continuity when emergencies occur.

And a C-suite favorite…

Reduced Investment and Improved Space Allocation

Colocation data centers provide round the clock monitoring, security, power, and cooling systems. This sort of monitoring equipment and software applications can be an expensive investment and are costly to maintain for yourself. By moving IT equipment into a datacenter colocation space, businesses can often free up valuable office space allowing more revenue-oriented departments to expand adding additional revenue or savings to the bottom line.

There can be numerous reasons why companies choose colocation to secure their valuable IT infrastructure, we have just started with a handful. Data center colocation offers the best of both worlds! It can offer a company the capability to retain management and control over their own physical equipment, while giving up the cost and risk associated with investing in and maintaining expensive space, power, cooling and connectivity equipment.

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