Modern businesses rely on constant, uninterrupted data access. You deserve trustworthy information security services that withstand cybercrime, severe weather, power outages, and other threats. Protecting your company’s data security is our passion here at RACK59. That’s why we carefully designed our colocation center with the finest building security practices on the market. 

Why Is Security So Important?

Data security is at the core of every modern business, whether we realize it or not. Think about all the information your company transmits digitally. Foundational business elements like payroll and banking are handled digitally. Emails, chats, and other vital client conversations are also digital records. And depending on your industry, your products and services may be completely digital as well. 

RACK59’s mission is to support our client’s work with abundant secure server space, reliable and uninterrupted power, and affordable bandwidth options. We know that your success depends on having constant access to your proprietary information. That’s why our data center provides the best protection available. 

We’ll protect your valuable information from physical and digital hazards like hacking attempts, power outages, and severe weather. Even better, your data remains fully accessible so you never miss a minute of operations.

RACK59’s Security Measures

Our highly secure data center features today’s strongest protective technology. We’ve considered the full spectrum of events that could cause data loss. From accidents and natural disasters to hacking and break-in attempts, we’re prepared for anything. 

Physical Security

RACK59’s state-of-the-art physical security measures start with our private, gated parking complex. Experienced 24/7/365 arm security teams monitor the entire site using high-definition video surveillance that covers every inch of the center. Biometric entrances secure the data center entrances, so only approved RACK59 security or employees can access the space. Yet the data center always remains accessible to our clients. You’ll enjoy constant, 24/7 access to the center whenever you need to be on site.

Redundant Power

Don’t worry about power outages with our highly redundant system. We have multiple fail-safes in place to make sure your data never goes down. Our colocation center offers its own 40MW substation, two mammoth generators, and a range of geographically-dispersed fuel supply contracts. We always keep several thousand gallons of fuel onsite and use redundant battery backups in our data centers. Oklahoma weather can be an unpredictable challenge, which is why our facility is storm-hardened to withstand an F4 tornado. We have a proven track record thanks to these measures. Our building has only experienced 5 total hours of downtime since its initial opening in 1965.

Reliable Connectivity

Our data access is as much a priority as our power supply. Your company always needs a reliable connection, both during regular operations and in emergencies. That’s why we offer redundant connectivity options. We work with 30 different Internet Service Providers (ISPs), giving us the largest carrier hotel in Oklahoma. Even if one carrier goes down, you’ll still have plenty of resources to access your data. 

Why Choose RACK59’s Colocation Services For Your Company’s Data

We care just as much about our clients as we do our data services. We’re a locally owned and operated company, so every customer is part of our community. We know people by name, not by account number. You’ll enjoy the best combination of personalized attention and relentless pursuit of excellence with RACK59.

Our proven track record speaks for itself. You’ll always have the data access you need thanks to our physical security measures, redundant power supplies, and comprehensive connectivity network. We deliver 99.999% uptime, so our name says it all: 5 nines of service at RACK59. We’re always happy to discuss data security. Get in touch today to learn how our information security services can drive your company’s success.