If you are a drone enthusiast this may be old news to you, but it is becoming apparent to the general public of the life-saving capabilities of UAV’s (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle). Last January a story came out of Lennox, Australia of two young swimmers who had been swept out to see and were desperately attempting to swim back to shore. According to GearBrain.com, “While trying the new technology, a lifeguard noticed the teenagers struggling in rough seas on January 18, 2018. The lifeguard sounded the alarm and a drone pilot picked it up, launching the unmanned vehicle to fly over to the two boys. The drone then dropped a flotation device for them to hold onto, helping them make it back to the beach.”

GearBrain.com author Alistair Charlton goes on to explain, “The drone, a Stellar X1000 called the Little Ripper, is part of a $16 million shark mitigation strategy, and as well as being able to drop flotation devices, it uses a downwards-facing camera and artificial intelligence to spot sharks. The A.I. claims to have a 90 percent success rate at correctly identifying sharks, compared to 16 percent accuracy for lifeguards on the beach. Charlton explains, “Lifeguard supervisor Jai Sheridan told the Sydney Morning Herald: “The Little Ripper UAV certainly proved itself today, it is an amazingly efficient piece of lifesaving equipment and a delight to fly. He continued, “I was able to launch it, fly it to the location, and drop the pod all in about one or two minutes,” added Sheridan. “On a normal day that would have taken our lifeguards a few minutes longer to reach the members of the public.”

Read the entire story at GearBrain.com  @ https://www.gearbrain.com/australia-drone-saves-swimmers-lives-2526777427.html