Smartphones have become mini personal computers. Everywhere you turn someone is either surfing the web, answering an email, watching a video or playing new game. But, these simple tasks are causing you to lose precious bars on your battery level. Marty Gabel of Appolicious shares some tips to help extend the life of your battery.

A good app can ruin the bunch. Many apps can put a drain on your power supply due to bugs or programming errors. Gabel recommends downloading Carat to help monitor battery use. Carat is also an app that monitors apps by determining which apps put the most drain on your battery helping you decide what apps to keep and what to delete. The app is free on iTunes. For Android users, Gabel suggest JuiceDefender.

Another drain on your battery is heat. Extreme temperature can have an impact on battery life. Gabel recommends keeping your phone in an environment with temperatures no higher than 95 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep your phone out of the sun or locked in a parked car. Let your phone breathe. Don’t carry it in a pocket or in your hand, use a ventilated carry case. Also when charging your phone, remove it from the protective case and only charge it when juice is running low.

GPS and Wi-Fi locators can also drain your battery. If you know you’re going to be away from home or a known wireless Internet connection, turn off your Wi-Fi locator. If you are traveling in the city and know where you are going, turning off your GPS can help save some juice. Same thing applies to Bluetooth.

Gabel also recommends buying an extra battery for your phone or if you are unable to change the battery in your phone, i.e. an iPhone, then using a battery booster could be a solution to low battery issues. The downfall of a battery booster is your slim smartphone gets a little bulky.

He recommends Mophie Juice Pack Air. This battery booster could double your talk time.

You might also consider purchasing an extra charger for your office or car. Your phone may be tethered to an outlet but at least you can “power” through your day without any worries.