Glenn E Greene 1920 – 2001

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is animating our memories . A recent release of MyHeritage’s AI based website technology is taking the internet by storm. Gone are the days of static frozen memories from years gone by. Upload your dated ancestral photos and watch them come alive.

Excerpt from: MARKTECHPOST 


MyHeritage’s New Feature, ‘Deep Nostalgia’, is Recreating and Bringing Back Old Images to Life Using Artificial Intelligence

“Reliving the past might not be possible, but bringing the past to life has been converted to reality by the Deep Nostalgia feature of MyHeritage’s genealogy service website. This feature uses AI to let you upload photographs comprising either one or multiple people. The pictures are then animated and converted into a short video clip. The people in the pictures move their heads, blink their eyes and change their expressions minimally, giving the perfect illusion of reality. It looks as though the video was captured while the people were prepping for the portrait.”

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