Building a cybersecurity culture that is cohesive across your organization is fundamental. Of course, you need to have the right tools, but if your employees aren’t taking it seriously, you could still have some major problems on your hands. 

Many security and IT leaders understand the importance of a strong cybersecurity culture. They also know that employees are more important than the technology itself, when it comes to running secure organizations. 

However, many IT leaders seem to think that it’s nearly impossible to have a strong security sector. This is a problem, but contrary to many beliefs, we do believe that these issues can be fixed by following a few simple steps. 

Surveys To Classify Cybersecurity Hygiene

Cybersecurity culture surveys are a great way to see exactly where it is that your team stands on these issues. Surveys such as KnowBe4’s Security Culture Survey, and Infosec IQ Cybersecurity Culture Survey will help you gauge where your team is at with the issues and better help you fix them. 

Understanding your team is the first step. You need to know their thoughts on cybersecurity, whether or not they adhere to different policies, and how they perceive their roles within the company. 

These surveys will map out exactly what issues need to be tackled. 

Training Programs Targeted At These Weaknesses

Once you get the results from these surveys, the next logical step would be to create training programs that are specific to what your employees are lacking. Instead of presenting broad, and boring training on Powerpoint that might not even be relevant to many employees, create specific programs that are engaging. 

By targeting specific employees with specific issues, you’re building trust, and making them feel more engaged. Employees like to be heard, and they like to be understood. If you create programs that are designed around areas that they’re not confident in, you will build a stronger culture. 

Build Cybersecurity Culture Through Incentives

Several companies have used simulations to create engaging training. They create a choose your own adventure type game that is fun and rewarding for employees, but also educational. Other companies have used a simulated phishing attack, which seems to work wonders. 

Everyone enjoys playing games, and these incentives simultaneously create a stronger bond within your team, while educating them on potential problems that they might be having. 

Refrain From Placing Blame

It’s no secret that many issues are caused by users. However, to create a strong unity within your team, blaming should be avoided. Instead, the culture should be one of helping to prevent a similar mistake in the future, rather than shaming. 

If employees are being shamed for making mistakes, they are not going to step forward and ask for help. This will create bigger internal problems. Employees need to know that they will be helped when there are issues, not blamed. This will eliminate many problems. 

It isn’t going to be an easy task to fix some of these internal problems, but contrary to popular belief, it isn’t impossible. Building a strong cybersecurity culture starts with the employees. When they feel confident and validated, they’re more likely to display more passion for their work. 

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