Business continuity involves identifying risks to your company, then building strategies to keep operating even if these risks become reality. Natural disasters, market changes, public health crises, and other unexpected events can put your company in harm’s way. It’s important to make plans ahead of time so your team can begin the workplace recovery process. Explore five trending business continuity concerns and learn how your company can recover from these problems.

Malicious Online Attacks

Data breaches, cyber-attacks, and other forms of virtual crime remain major business continuity threats. Hackers and digital terrorists are becoming increasingly skillful. Major companies, educational institutions, and government agencies have all been victims of successful attacks.

Every business continuity plan should include strategies to survive cyber crimes. Make sure your data center and IT infrastructure are secure, convenient, and redundant. Your procedure should also include a recovery strategy for bouncing back after a virtual attack.

Social Media Impacts

Social media has become entwined throughout our society. Don’t overlook the potential risks of social media activity on your company. Professional reputations can be ruined by negative attention on your official social media platforms and through private employee accounts. Train your team about best practices for using social media, both at work and at home.

Social media poses risks beyond damaging your brand reputation. Depending on your industry, your social media posts may be subject to regulation and compliance issues. Social media also opens the doors to phishing, scamming, and other socially engineered hacking tactics. Develop a workplace recovery plan that handles negative social media fallout.

Crisis Communication

The past few years have shown that proper communication is vital to business continuity practices. The most comprehensive continuity plan will be worthless if your team can’t put it in place during an emergency. 

Consider the entire group of people you need to reach during an unexpected situation. Employees are an obvious first step but don’t forget about your vendors, clients, and customers. You should also plan how to communicate with your broader community and the authorities during a severe emergency.

Be proactive with your continuity and recovery strategies. You can empower your employees with access to your plans ahead of time. Your team will be able to get back to work if they already have details about remote access, backup office spaces, and more.

Employee Turnover

Employees are a major asset for any company. High employee turnover causes cascading business problems even outside of other emergencies. Every company should have a plan for losing high-value employees since team members can leave at any time. Even the happiest staff member can face a health crisis, go through family problems, or win the lottery and retire early.

Prepare for losing employees by sharing information and skills throughout your team. Encourage cross-training, share working documents, and avoid situations where one “all-star” employee is the only person who can solve a problem. Robust data backups will make it easy to share and archive valuable information and files no matter who remains on the team.

Heavy Use Of Cloud-Based Tools

Internet-based business software solutions are widely popular in all industries. These online tools are convenient and powerful when they work correctly, but expose your company to heavy risks when they go down. Brands lose revenue, frustrate customers, and damage their reputations when cloud-based products are offline.

Prepare for inevitable cloud outages with redundant systems whenever possible. Make sure your team is fully trained and comfortable with these backup options. Use co-located services instead of cloud-based options for additional peace of mind. 

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