is rolling out a review of the best writing about cloud computing in 2011.

One of the best columns was writing in October by Michael Jackson , co-founder of Adaptive Computing. Jackson wrote about the increasing importance of cloud computing to business enterprise needs. Below is an excerpt:

Increasingly, cloud computing has become an IT priority for virtually every organization in business today. According to a June 2010 Pew Research Center survey, a decisive majority of technology professionals predict that, by 2020, most people will access software applications online and work through remotely-accessed server networks. SaaS (Software as a Service) cloud applications such as and NetSuite are standard, acceptable alternatives to traditional client server enterprise applications. A new competitor to Amazon’s EC2 service surfaces almost every day, and virtually every technology company is incorporating the word “cloud” somewhere in their description.

Given these rapid developments in cloud technologies and services, what are some of the key components to watch for as your enterprise moves into this new IT architecture?

Decision Engine

The technological foundation of a cloud computing environment lies within the decision engine. A unique multi-dimensional and predictive decision engine is one that dynamically manages workloads and resources so cloud environments self-optimize to produce more results, with greater speed and efficiency. Having a limited static cloud, with no decision engine adversely impacts the scalability/elasticity of your cloud environment, the largest benefit to deploy solutions in the cloud. If your workload peaks during an off-hour, is your cloud able to anticipate the need to provision more services? Or will it collapse under the weight of higher than anticipated demand?

Having a multi-dimensional decision engine, with the ability to dynamically provision for an unexpected spike in demand, not only affects your cloud’s uptime under Service Level Agreements (SLAs), but also the speed with which your cloud can make crucial decisions.

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