Cloud computing has already caused a ripple throughout all businesses, as they decide on how best to use the power of off-site data storage and data centers. But not only are companies changing the way they handle their critical information, but they are transforming the jobs of the people  who handle that digital data and how they do it.

A great article by Joe McKendrick at outlines the way technology careers are going to have to quickly adjust to the cloud computing revolution in order to support it adaquately as it booms in 2012.

McKendrick spotlights a study by CA Technologies in which a majority of CIOs see cloud computing as a way for them to spend more time on strategy.

But in order to do that, CIOs will need to have a staff of cloud computing experts on staff or a trusted outsourced data center to give them peace of mind.

Kevin Daley of IBM and vice-chair of The Open Group Business Forum told Forbes that the enterprise architect will play a key role in bringing cloud into the business.  “Cloud will help increase the speed of development and change. The business architect will be called upon to ensure the strategic relevancy of transformation in a repeatable fashion as cycle times and rollouts happen faster.”

The article lays out several new job titles that businesses and data centers alike will be looking for in the near and long term:

  • Cloud Specialist: This professional will “provide expertise, design, engineering, troubleshooting of the cloud environment.”
  • Cloud Computing Architect: “Serves a critical role to drive the architect/design and implementation for cloud-based solutions.”
  • Systems Engineer – Cloud Computing: “… A member of the system engineering team and will support an initiative to transition [federal agency] services to a cloud computing environment.”
  • Cloud Architect – Infrastructure: “… A technical role … working with key clients and prospects helping them architect proper cloud solutions.”
  • Cloud Alliance Manager: “Focuses on the overall, ongoing management of [our] cloud computing service provider partnerships.”
  • Virtualization & Cloud Computing Subject Matter Expert: “Will support cloud computing strategy and roadmap development from a mission and technical perspective including identification of potential obstacles and solutions regarding the use of cloud computing in a client environment.”