Once, the concept of cloud data storage was unthinkable. And once we could grasp the concept, that we could store unlimited data in a vast and endless space, we were hooked. Everyone moved to the cloud. Everyone. Individuals, small businesses, governments, banks, and tech and telecom companies alike. Then, the trouble started. Because for every great cyber innovation, there is a cyberhacker. For every chain, there is a weak link.

Cyber Security Blind Spots

Of course, we took the good with the bad. We knew there would be trouble, and we trusted the brilliant tech companies to figure it all out for us. With all benefits there are risks, and for the benefit of endless data storage that we did not have to think twice about storing, we would bear the brunt of the risks.

Unfortunately, we failed to realize the gravity of the situation.

As tech companies grow larger, they come to monopolize their markets, including data storage, and the larger a company gets, the more weak links in their chains there will be.

Governments Have Little Oversight

One major weak link in the chains of cloud data storage is that there is very little government oversight. Indeed, Nicole Perlroth, a cybersecurity reporter for The New York Times, points out in her book This Is How They Tell Me the World Ends that governments know full well about holes in data security, about weak links in chains, all of which could leave individuals vulnerable and cause entire systems to collapse, and they do nothing about it.

Why? Because they hope to exploit those vulnerabilities a some point if they need to. Needless to say, we cannot count on the government to protect our data.

Tech Companies Serve Their Own Interests

And the companies charged with storing our data in the cloud? Their largest interests are in meeting their bottom line. That is simply how a capitalist system works. It is not always in their interests to keep the cloud airtight and safe from all hackers.

Furthermore, we don’t know how they do what they do, or why. They are, after all, privately held companies, not government entities, so public oversight is not a part of their natural structure.

Their number one goal is to please their stockholders, whose interest is simply to make greater profits.How they do this is, in short, none of our business. There exist clouds of secrecy when it comes to cloud data storage and what vulnerabilities may exist when it comes to our personal data.

Telecom Is at Risk

Thus, telecom is at, perhaps, even greater risk than even the banking industry because of just how much personal data is stored on an individual and business level.

With a single hack, entire caches of data could be lost, hundreds if not hundreds of thousands of individual lives could be affected, and there will be no way to recover from such a loss.

Even the most responsible and secure cloud storage systems will be prone to cyberhacking because, as  mentioned above, that is just the nature of the industry.

 For every innovation, there will be a hacker. For every new firewall put up, there will come along someone who can take it down.

Telecom is the largest industry in terms of data storage, and people are entrusting those telecommunications companies to keep their data secure.

Managed Colocation Data Centers Lead the Way:

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Of course, for every problem, a solution exists, and, as of now, colocation data centers offer that solution.

Where once it was a problem to have on site data storage for businesses because of the physical space and security requirements, the cloud offered a solution. Now, with increasing problems with cloud storage, colocation data centers bring data back to the ground, to physical space, but it does not have to be physical space at the site of the business.

With colocation data centers, you get the best of both worlds. Your data is secure behind multiple layers of physical and cyber security, but you don’t have to have the space at your own site, and you don’t have to worry about cloud vulnerabilities.

If you’re ready to bring your telecom business out of the cloud and bring it back to the safety of earth, we have space for you.

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