Over the few past years, companies worldwide have turned to cloud computing for storing their data. Many assume it is their only option. However, it seems you can’t go through a day without being bombarded by ads touting solutions for businesses that need help taking care of their IT needs. The list is miles long for solutions to all types of issues that businesses could have, from hybrid cloud to service support.

Colocation data centers are an option that, once again, is becoming popular as an alternative or even addition to stand-alone cloud solutions. Organizations are reevaluating colocation as a viable option for their IT needs.  Those that are already using the public cloud have started to consider colocation as an important addition to their cloud solution or even switching wholesale to a data center. In case you’re on the fence as well, we’re listing a few reasons why you may want to use colocation data centers vs the public cloud.

Colocation Data Centers vs the Public Cloud

What Is A Colocation Data Center?

We’re all familiar with the cloud, but the idea of a colocation data center may not be as familiar. To put it simply, it’s where your business will provide all the equipment and the data center will provide the facility to host it in. You own the gear, but the host provides the security, the power, and everything else needed to host it. Usually, multiple tenants share the costs of power and floor space, saving money in the long run.

Think About Security

When it comes to your IT needs, physical security should be your biggest priority. Colocation providers make sure that your gear is stored in facilities that are designed to protect it from unwanted security breaches. If you’ve been worried about falling victim to breaches while your gear was stored in the cloud, you may want to consider switching to colocation providers where physical security is a top priority.

Costs Are Predictable

If you Google “most unpredictable things”, the fifth most popular answer is “cloud storage bills”.  Budgeting for IT needs with the cloud is close to impossible.  With a colocation data center, your monthly IT fees are predictable since you’ll be paying a set monthly fee for using the host. You can budget out how much you’ll spend on your IT needs without worrying that it’ll be over what you can afford with colocation data centers vs the public cloud.

You Can Count On A Stable Host

Have you ever calculated the cost of not being able to run your organization due to a loss of power or a weather-related disaster?  The impact can be highly disruptive or even deliver a fatal blow to an organization.  Reputable data centers have guaranteed power and cooling, eliminating the threat of costly downtime from a fire, flood, freeze, etc. They have backup power and cooling sources that immediately come on should there be an unforeseen catastrophe. 

Summing It Up

As business needs continue to evolve over time, colocation data centers are enjoying a renewed interest as an alternative or additive to the cloud. With the changing business environment, more and more organizations are reevaluating colocation.  Colocation data centers vs the public cloud eliminate a significant part of IT budgeting guesswork while alleviating owners’ and senior managers’ concerns over physical security and up-time.

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