Migrating your data to managed colocation services is an important way to keep up with the evolving demands of your business. On-prem data centers have traditionally served a purpose to a certain point, however, eventually, they reach their limits and are no longer effective for businesses as they grow.

Colocation data centers meet the needs of businesses, providing a physical building and security, along with connectivity, power, and cooling, while the business itself provides its own servers, routing gear, and storage. This setup ensures that businesses have the ability to grow exponentially without having to worry about reaching an end and needing to move their data elsewhere.

Should You Migrate to Managed Colocation Services?

If you’re wondering whether you should move to managed colocation services or not, there are a handful of things you’ll want to take into consideration.

Business Growth

One of the most obvious signs that a colocation center may be in order is that the business’ current data center isn’t meeting their needs any longer. A common problem with data centers is that they can only go so far before they max out. This is fine for businesses with finite data needs, but for those desiring and experiencing growth, data centers eventually become irrelevant. Due to their setup and the fact that the business itself provides some of the resources, colocation services provide unlimited service. If you’re beginning to outgrow the capabilities of your data center, colocation services are a secure and logical next step.

Your Current and Future Needs

When you become aware that you may need something with greater capabilities than your current data center, you’ll want to take inventory of your current and future needs to decide whether the move is worth it. Ask yourself questions such as, “What are your needs,” “Are you looking to expand or grow,” “Do you want colocation,” and more. These questions will give you a more focused look at your actual business and your needs, to help you decide whether or not a colocation service is right for you.

Your Financial Boundaries

The financial setup of both data centers and colocation services are different. You will need to consider your financial capabilities and which financial model makes the most sense for your business. Colocation services tend to have a “pay as you go” type of model, making it easier for businesses to pay a portion of their costs upfront. The main downside to this method is that if a business over projects their success, they will have difficulty reigning the costs back.

On the other hand, data centers expect large upfront payments. Getting set up at a data center is a big investment, and oftentimes businesses pay for 15 or more years to get started.

By determining your current and future needs, you should be able to understand your financial boundaries and what type of data security will be best. Businesses that have a long-term, stagnant projection may benefit from a data center, while those that expect to grow and scale exponentially will most likely want to use a colocation service.

Basic Requirements

When considering a colocation service, keep your basic needs in mind. Any provider that you choose will need to be able to meet the infrastructure and resiliency needs of your business. There are all types of buildings and resources out there that showcase themselves as a colocation service. However, there are all types of infrastructures, and many of them will be unable to meet your needs.

If you consider everything that you will need your colocation service to have, including decent size, resiliency, top technology, and effective data safety, you will be able to choose a service that checks those boxes.

Ease of Migration

You will also want to make sure that migration from your current data center to your chosen colocation service will be simple. Oftentimes businesses choose to migrate to a colocation provider but find that the migration is too extensive and complex. Find a colocation service that works with businesses cohesively through the migration process to ensure a smooth and secure data migration.

Wrapping Up

While a data center has served your business well for a while, as you grow, you’re probably finding that it’s time to move on. A colocation service may be the answer you’re looking for. Determine your needs and your budget in order to find the right provider and decide if migration to a colocation service is right for you. If you want to learn more about colocation services and our migration process, click here.