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The recent COVID-19 pandemic has blindsided many businesses, causing both stress for employees as they learn the ropes of remote working and profit loss for businesses who are struggling to adjust. In today’s modern digital environment, businesses rely on access to their IT infrastructure, but what if you can’t access that gear. Data center colocation can solve that problem.

In Today’s Modern Digital Environment, Businesses Rely on Access to Their IT Infrastructure

The core of many modern businesses is access to a shared technology resource, particularly the data stored on business devices and the technology that keeps businesses running. Naturally, it’s something of a problem when a sudden pandemic requires businesses to operate from home, removing them from physical access to their IT infrastructure.

Are there any options available to businesses during this COVID-19 quarantine? To protect your business continuity, our data center has a few ways to help.

Data Center Colocation

Data Center Colocation is the solution to numerous issues businesses are currently dealing with. Colocation is a service that rents out space in data centers to provide businesses with safe, secure, and protected areas to store their IT infrastructure.

How Colocation Can Help You

Colocation at a data center such as ours provides countless benefits that can protect the continuity of your business and flexibility during disaster recovery. As a service, colocation can do a lot to help you more efficiently manage your business by offering:

  • Continuous power and capacity
  • Resiliency and business continuity
  • Secure facility and data integrity
  • Top-tier facility infrastructure
  • Affordable operational expenditure
  • Professional IT support

Professional IT Support: Remote Hands and Smart Hands

As important as having a space for your IT infrastructure is having the support to look after your IT infrastructure so that you can continue running your business as normal. Professional IT support is part of our Data Center Colocation packages and can be incredibly beneficial for your business during times of rapid change. We offer both Remote Hands and Smart Hands as 24-hour, 7-days-a-week, 365-days-a-year services that keep your business going.

Remote Hands

Remote Hands is the regular troubleshoot support many businesses require, especially when employees are working from home and needing to stay connected to shared business data. With Remote Hands, it’s simple to open a support ticket and get assistance with a number of IT issues, such as server reboots, frozen remote sessions, and physical checks of network connectivity.

Smart Hands

Smart Hands is the proactive, preventative, and reactive support that anticipates IT issues and fixes them at client direction. Smart Hands keeps businesses connected without any gap in service and can help with issues such as equipment testing and troubleshooting, circuit testing, remote network access, and media and supply management.

Keep Your Business Continuity With RACK59 Data Center

In today’s modern digital environment, businesses rely on access to their IT infrastructure, and during a pandemic, your top priority should be your business continuity. The best way to continue the productivity of your business and your employees is to protect your IT infrastructure: but what if you can’t access that gear? Data Center Colocation can solve that problem. Reach out to RACK59 Data Center now. We are committed to giving you the operational flexibility you need to succeed with our colocation services.

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Bryan Bundy

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