Many business are seeing the benefits of backing up their important data and hiring data storage companies to manage and protect their information.

In the oil and gas industry, however, this advanced data storage system is essential to give companies an edge in efficiency and security. With large amounts of seismic data and files that require long-term storage, this industry in particular values data as a company asset – but there are a number of challenges associated with data storage for these businesses.

First, oil and gas companies have to manage and merge huge amounts of data from older technology systems, which can be messy and require a lot of extra investment. Gulf Business Machines explains that issues from these challenges can be resolved by providing scale out systems, enabling improved data protection and recovering and using data protection and recovery and using data management to facilitate accelerated decision making.

GBM explains, “Energy exploration and geo-sciences data requires huge addressable namespaces and very high performance systems. New exploration and production data is generated on a daily basis and this requires processing for vizualisation modeling and rapid analysis. There is also an increasing requirement to re-analyze historic data as technology moves on and systems become more intelligent. This results in huge data files that need to be stored for much longer periods of time. In order to meet these demands, information technology teams in oil and gas companies need to provide secure, cost effective, scale out solutions.”

File sharing solutions such as Scale Out Network Attached Storage (SONAS) combine data storage sharing with an integrated management system, and can help reduce costs and, with more accurate business intelligence, help organizations make quick, educated decisions.

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