Over the next few weeks, we will be exploring OKCWorks, the home of RACK59 and former site of the Lucent Technologies factory.

Taking in the plant needs to be a step-by-step exercise, since trying to wrap your mind around the space can be a little daunting. The facility is 1.2 million square feet of space which has been home to innovation for years.

In addition to RACK59’s pristine data storage facility, OKCWorks is filling up with other business but has so much more it can do in the future, because of its   interesting past. Take the photo above. The smokestack on the building that housed the plant’s trades services now lifts up wireless signals .

So today, we will just be hitting the tip of the iceberg about what it is and was like at RACK59’s massive home.

Here are some quick and jaw-dropping facts:

  • At its height, OKCWorks was creating a patent a day as part of its innovation for equipment for Western Electric, AT&T and Lucent.
  • The plant has warehouses that allowed for full-size tractor trailers and train cars to pull in to pick up equipment.
  • You know how you can’t use your cell phone on an airplane. Testing and technology developed at the OKCWorks plant helped to figure out why.
  • In June 1985, President Ronald Reagan visited the plant. Because of rain, his outdoor speech had to be moved indoors. In less than 24 hours, OKCWorks trades people built a stage from scratch for the event.
  • Robots zipped around the facility delivering pieces for inspection, but three-wheeled tricycles were also used to deliver goods around the plant – every part of which could be biked to!

RACK59 anchors this expansive space, which allows the data storage facility to service its clients now and in the days to come.