External Physical Security

External Physical Security is a very important part of a data center.  We do not want anyone to be able to just walk up and have access to the grounds.  This would cause a lot of problems.  There are many levels of physical security to get into a data center. Today we’ll discuss fencing and securing critical components in a data center.

Perimeter Fencing

We want to make sure that the perimeter fence encompasses all the way around the data center campus.  Also, for extra data center security, the fence should only have one access point.  That way the data center can tell exactly who is coming in and who is going out and what times these entries are happening.  They do not want any surprises.

An extra length of security that some data centers take with perimeter fencing is interior perimeter fencing.  Interior perimeter fencing is ideal because it can tell them exactly who is entering through the camera and HID proximity access cards.  A lot of times there are also cameras in the parking lot and front door of the data center.  This can relieve some stress when it comes to access to the data center.

Securing Critical Components

Another thing that we want to check on when we are thinking about External Physical Security is how the data center is securing their critical components.  These critical components are things like the generators, the chillers, the automatic transfer switches, and the power supplies.  It is important to know that these critical components are not just sitting out in an open field where anyone off the street can just walk up to them.  Ideally, we would want all of the data centers critical components to be behind a lock key door and fencing.  This ensures us better reliability when a data center properly secures some of their most important assets.

So, it is important that we are asking the data center where these critical components are and how they are accessible to the general public.  As a recap, when we are looking to pick a data center, we want to make sure we are looking for perimeter fencing, interior perimeter fencing, HID proximity card readers and security cameras to ensure that we are getting the utmost protection that we can.  After all, this is the most valuable asset to our business we are storing.