Google has been developing their own slice of the almighty cloud for the past 10 years; now they’ve unveiled what they’ve been doing with all their hard work with a revolutionized marketplace for Android devices. Google Play rolled out at the beginning of last month. The all-in-one service gives users an entirely new experience that is akin to Apple’s App Store with the added advantage of fresh new UI and user-friendliness.

Not long ago, Google updated their Market interface to include several different types of media for purchase, including books, music and movies. It was just a small sample of what they had in mind for the future. On the surface level, Google Play is just an overhaul of the Android Market that includes even more micro-distractions for customers to browse and spend money on. Of course, there’s much more to it than that.

Google Play puts a large amount of emphasis on the cloud aspect of the service by touting its convenient design that only requires having the app in order to connect to a library and past purchases. It requires no extra software, syncing or additional devices, something none of their competitors can offer. The app seamlessly integrates with the cloud in an incredibly user-friendly way. Users can purchase media from anywhere on any device and have access to it on other devices. All a user’s media becomes completely portable, giving them access to entertainment on the go.

It is collectively everything Google has to offer in one convenient location. Users can even preview media before purchasing, view ratings, and check out top picks. It also acts as a social networking device, giving users the option to share their finds and purchases on Google+ and via text message. As an added bonus, members of Google+ can give and receive free samples of media they have purchased. And as before, there is plenty of free content to choose from as well.

As far as the entertainment market is concerned, Google is shaping up to be a fierce provider of content, challenging the likes of Apple and Amazon. With the added bonus of cloud functionality, the new Google Play deserves a big +1.