Ernest & Young Survey 2020


Excerpt and photo courtesy of Ernest & Young 

 “Oil and gas companies are facing disruption and uncertainty like no other time in the industry’s history. Already, companies were navigating challenges related to pricing outlooks, evolving energy demand and decarbonization. The global COVID-19 pandemic accelerated this environment — prompting a historic drop in crude prices and cost-cutting measures in a way not anticipated even a year ago.

To meet these challenges, oil and gas companies are looking to digital technology to drive efficiency and productivity into operations, transforming how they operate and truly doing more with less. This comes with its own set of challenges: digital technologies are evolving rapidly and companies must determine which to embrace and adopt, where to integrate them into the value chain and how to fully leverage them to extract maximum value from the investment.

The June 2020 survey of oil and gas executives clearly demonstrates the industry understands the most promising path forward. Executives need the right digital technology — and a workforce with the skills and training to maximize those tools.”

Download the entire E&Y survey at:  Oil and Gas Digital Transformation and the Workforce Survey 2020

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