At the beginning of this month, Apple users found that their iCloud storage had been upgraded from the standard 5GB to a whopping 25GB. The mishap was fixed, but it begs the question, what could a user do with that much cloud storage? broke it down by how much space these common items require, and how many of them you could store on 50GB:

  • Email (10 Kilobytes): 2,500,000
  • Document (100 KB): 250,000
  • Photo (3MB): 8,333
  • Song (7MB): 3,571
  • 720p HD video (240MB/minute): 104 minutes

Now, that’s a lot of space. reports “Even without glitchy upgrades, iCloud is a good deal. In addition to 5GB of storage for whatever users want, it also provides free space for music, movies, apps, books and TV shows purchased from Apple, as well as 1,000 pictures taken from mobile devices that are stored (for 30 days) in Apple’s Photo Stream service. None of these media types count against the 5GB of storage.”

If someone really wanted some more storage space, consider signing up with another cloud service. suggests the following: Google Drive: $30; SugarSync: $30 (for 30 GB); Microsoft SkyDrive: $10 (for 27GB); Dropbox: smallest plan (beyond 2GB free option) is $100 for 100GB.