For healthcare businesses that rely on their IT infrastructures for their operations, reliable colocation data center power infrastructure is mission-critical to protect sensitive healthcare information.

Although on-premise data centers often come with certain protections for sensitive data, colocation providers can go above and beyond by leveraging private suites that are completely dedicated to your healthcare facility. With these dedicated resources, you can better protect the sensitive healthcare information you host in your facility by leveraging a power infrastructure that is more reliable and secure than an on-premise data center.

When we think about IT and security, many of us may not understand how a data center’s physical security can be integrated with digital security. The truth is, physical security is just as important to overall data protection as any other layer. To help you understand why, let’s take a closer look at the two types of physical security and why they are so critical in healthcare.

Protect Sensitive Healthcare Information with Colocation

Physical security is the most basic safeguard that protects your IP and security assets. While our facilities and information systems adhere to or exceed industry standards, it is physical access to locations, on-premise data centers, and equipment that make them most vulnerable to insider threats, natural disasters, and more. Physical security involves hardwired infrastructure to power the storage of your security assets and moderate access to it.

With facility infrastructure redundancy based on availability control, advanced data collection, advanced analytics, critical alarm response, and effective integrations of all systems, colocation data centers can deliver power to your IT infrastructure 24/7, without concerns about server temperatures being impacted or bandwidth being dropped because of increased congestion, for example.

As a result, colocation data centers can guarantee a higher level of data integrity for you, offering you a solution that ensures data security, preventing any risks of privacy violations, loss of productivity, and downtime. A colocation data center team will work with you to understand your specific needs and then build a tailored solution that meets them. These enterprise-grade solutions are designed to withstand the tests of time, thus allowing your healthcare organization to remain reliable, connected and secure.

The ability to securely store the massive amounts of collected medical data is critical to your organization’s success. With colocation services, you ensure that your healthcare data will be secure and available when you need it. 

Our state-of-the-art data center combines the best in disaster prevention and recovery strategies with premier security, industrial-grade infrastructure, 24×7 monitoring, and AC power redundancy to provide you with the most reliable hosting environment for your healthcare IT needs.

Our data center provides secure colocation in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. We are optimized to support the critical data of healthcare organizations and are fully compliant with HIPAA and PCI standards. Our facility leverages multiple layers of security to protect access to your data. 

At RACK59, we understand the unique needs of healthcare organizations and fully tailor our solutions to help you meet those needs. With our managed IT services, you have a partner on your team that can deliver high-quality IT solutions, connectivity, and more. We leverage the latest in IT management technology and stay abreast of industry standards and changes to ensure you’re fully protected, connected, and on the cutting edge.

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