Some popular media sites such as Huffington Post, Gawker, Gizmodo and Buzzfeed experienced outages earlier this week as their data centers were shut down due to Hurricane Sandy. The centers, which included Datagram, Internap, Peer 1 and more lost power as flooding from the hurricane overtook the lower levels of the buildings.

The flood waters disabled diesel fuel pumps used to refuel generators.

Data Center Knowledge reported, “Flooding from Hurricane Sandy has hobbled two data center buildings in Lower Manhattan, taking out diesel fuel pumps used to refuel generators. A third building at 121 Varick is also reported to be without power. There were also reports of outages for some tenants at a major data hub at 111 8th Avenue, and many other New York area facilities were running on generator power amid widespread utility outages.”

Gawker chief Nick Denton tweeted, “Gawker sites down after power cut off at Datagram, our data center down on Whitehall St. Backup power didn’t kick in fast enough.”

Datagram also reported in an official statement:

“Unfortunately, within a couple hours of the storm hitting Manhattan’s shores, the building’s entire basement, which houses the building’s fuel tank pumps and sump pumps, was completely filled with water and a few feet into the lobby. Due to electrical systems being underwater the building was forced to shut down to avoid fire and permanent damage.”

So far, no infrastructure damage has been reported.

Huffington Post and Buzzfeed came back up, but Gawker and Gizmodo are still down. Their websites are showing messages that read “Our New York City data center is still offline thanks to Hurricane Sandy” with backup sites and updates available.

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