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Accounting firms hold some of the most valuable data for companies around the country. Communication between an accountant and their customer can contain account numbers, pay records and other sensative information that needs to be kept away from prying eyes and Internet threats.

A recent article on outlined three key components that an accounting firm should have in place when it is putting together their data security strategies. Here is a summary of the recommendations:

  • Physical security: Not only should your data center have cameras and alarms, but your server room should be raised and climate controlled. Access to the data storage aerass should be “strictly controlled.”
  • Security technologies: Off-site facilities are one of the best choices for protecting your data, said Accounting Today, but “All of these security measures are for naught if you suffer a server failure or other catastrophic loss of data. A well-executed backup plan is essential.” Security systems must also be tested often to find weaknesses and missing elements.
  • Policy and staff communications: A key to success in security company data is educating your staff on what data needs to be secured and how. “a security policy is useless if your employees don’t fully understand and agree to abide by it,” says the article author Hillel Sackstein.

Data is becoming such a valuable commodity for businesses of all sizes and types. It’s what gets passed back-and-forth between professional service companies and their clients and kept by large corporations. Investing in the best company that can give peace of mind that your data will be safe is essential to a success and security in the future.