Internal Physical Security in a data center is just as important as external physical security.  Obviously, we do not want just anyone to have access to the data center.  We want a lot more control, which is why data centers go to such lengths to have so many levels of security.  That being said there are multiple levels of Internal Physical Data Center Security in a data center.  One is an access list.

The access list is a list of people, which we would give to the data center, that are allowed access to the data center floor.  The data center is to check this list every time one of us comes in.  It is important that the data center know of any personnel changes on our list so that only the people that are supposed to have access are the ones entering the data center floor.

Internal-SecurityAfter a data center has checked our access list, we would sign in and leave an ID.    Once we have signed in we would get an HID proximity card that would grant us access to the data center floor.  But first, we have to stop at the front of the mantrap where the biometric recognition screener resides.  This recognition screener has to be opened by someone at the data center to let us in to get to where we can us the HID cards we were given after signing in.  Not just anyone is programmed into the screener.  With the recognition software, a data center can tell exactly who is letting people into the data center.

Once we get onto the data center floor, our racks are individually keyed.  That way we are reassured that not just anyone can come in with a generic rack key and unlock our rack.  Also, for an extra level of data center security we might get a dedicated cage.  The data center can put an HID proximity card reader on the dedicated cage as well so that we are the only ones that have access to it.

So, we want to make sure that we are checking all levels of internal physical data center security.  We would look for an access list, some kind of biometric screening, HID card readers and individually keyed racks to ensure the best protection we can get.