Internet eXchange Oklahoma City (iX-OKC) has created Oklahoma’s first IXP peering fabric in RACK59 Data Center’s carrier hotel. The launch of iX-OKC will allow ISPs and content providers in the region to keep local traffic local by reducing the need to exchange traffic in larger carrier exchange markets like Dallas or Kansas City. This new addition to OKC’s connectivity landscape is expected to result in reduced latency and faster connectivity for Oklahoma network providers and enterprise users.

Brent Greene, Marketing Director at iX-OKC and RACK59 Data Center said, “We’re very excited to launch Oklahoma’s first IXP (Internet Exchange Point). RACK59 Data Center and the 7725 CONNECT campus have been on a quest to bring high-quality connectivity and transport to Oklahoma enterprises since 2009. With the addition of the iX-OKC peering infrastructure at RACK59, we are well on our way to providing the peering and transport fabric that today’s enterprises require in order locate and expand in the Oklahoma City market.”

Margie Tompson, Operations Manager at RACK59 Data Center, added, “With this new peering fabric and support of 7725 CONNECT and data center ownership, we are excited to be able to deliver a best in class peering infrastructure to serve the needs of big business and world-class carriers in the state of Oklahoma.”

According to Vonley Royal, executive director at OneNet and iX-OKC participant network partner, “The partnership with RACK59 and iX-OKC will further OneNet’s mission to advance technology across Oklahoma. We believe our goal of enhancing economic growth by meeting the mission-critical needs of our state’s education, research, health care and public service communities is better served when local carriers, institutions and enterprises are also able to keep their local IP traffic here on our regional Oklahoma networks. These revenue savings would have otherwise been spent on expensive and inefficient data transport across multiple carrier networks outside the state of Oklahoma. Community operated IXP’s like iX-OKC are at the core of the internet, and we are happy to partner with RACK59 and grow the iX-OKC network of member participants.”

About IXP’s (Internet Exchange Points) and Peering Agreements

Peering is the arrangement of traffic exchange between internet service providers (ISPs) and content delivery networks (CDNs) on diversely connected networks. Larger ISPs with their own backbone networks agree to allow traffic from other large ISPs and CDNs in exchange for traffic on their backbones and networks. Larger carriers with extensive fiber networks will also exchange traffic with smaller ISPs so that they can reach regional and smaller diverse endpoints. By participating in an IXP, members save the cost of backhauling traffic to other major cities via expensive and inefficient paths of delivery. Direct peering relationships ultimately lower costs and increase performance for data delivery to broader and more diverse networks.

About RACK59 Data Center

RACK59 Data Center is Oklahoma’s premier colocation provider and carrier hotel. Located in Oklahoma City, RACK59 currently offers 20 internet service providers with PoP (Points of Presence) in the carrier hotel. Several of their larger carriers also include direct access to international transport routes via their broad backbone networks. Companies from around the world utilize RACK59’s state of the art colocation infrastructure and extensive carrier partnerships to improve their interconnection options while also improving the quality, reliability and cost-effectiveness of their colocation and data center needs. With no monthly recurring cross connect fees, carriers and CDNs from around the world are recognizing RACK59 as a regional data center of choice for a great ROI. For more information on RACK59 Data Center visit https://www.RACK59.com.

About iX-OKC (Internet eXchange Oklahoma City)

Housed in RACK59’s Carrier Hotel, iX-OKC, offers ports on its peering fabric for a minimal set-up fee and at a $0 monthly expense. Any current colocation customer with a valid ASN can request a port and connect to the various participants in the peering network. This unique customer participant agreement allows peering members the ability to exchange traffic directly with each other for free. To become a member participant at iX-OKC, contact info(at)iX-OKC(dot)net or visit https://www.iX-OKC.net online for more information and membership details.