The joy of waking up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee and the conveniences that your new Amazon Echo may offer could now be putting you at risk. The ransomware attack by the malicious software code-named WannaCrypt, may have offered a prophetic glimpse as to the security threats we may be bringing upon ourselves.

The influx of technologies that offer convenience and ease may be putting our privacy at risk and at worse our personal information and security. Stuart Madnick, the MIT Sloan Prof. of Information Technologies at the MIT School of Engineering wrote a recent article sharing his concerns regarding the addition of IoT software into our daily technologies.

Madnick writes, “Picture my brother stumbling down to the kitchen one morning only to find his internet-enabled coffee maker won’t work. There’s a message on his iPhone: “We have taken control of your coffee pot and unless you pay $5, you won’t have your coffee.” This actually hasn’t happened. At least, not yet.”

Madnick’s example may be somewhat tongue and cheek and may offer most of us very little concern, but what if this type of scenario played itself out in your new “high tech” car or the commercial airplane you were traveling in. Are you worried now?

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