The web activity tsunami that comes along with ecommerce during the holidays should keep every retailer on their toes. Lots of traffic can also mean plenty of threats to data and privacy. RACK59 helps businesses keep their data secure at our colocation facility in Oklahoma City, so an article we found at with advice for protecting businesse during Cyber Monday and beyond brought up some great points.

Here’s a look at some good tips for businesses to keep from being online victims during the holidays:

  • Have a DDoS Response Plan: A solid DDoS plan should be explicit about the steps to be taken by an IT team in face of a DDoS attack.
  • Identify Real Customers: If you are getting a wave of paying customers, don’t shut them off. But that means your team needs to be able to analyse your traffic in real time in order to know who to shut out and who to let through.
  • Keep Up Your On-Premise DDoS Defenses: According to the article, “on-premises DDoS protection solutions should be deployed in concert with automated monitoring services to rapidly identify and react to evasive, sustained attacks.”
  • Have a Network-Wide Security Management Tool: If you want to the bad guys out, make sure you are guarding more than one entry point.
  • Keep Internal and External Application Servers Separate:  According to the article: “Your eCommerce application is a critical application and should be most secured; no reason to place the Mail servers on the same segment as it opens another port for hacking into your systems. This will help to prevent external server hacker getting automatic access to internal data.”