According to our friends over at Tech Republic, Microsoft cloud cybersecurity attacks are up 300% in the last year. Tom Merritt offers the top 5 cloud security risks to avoid.  With cloud security offering substantial risk, It may be time to consider keeping your digital assets and IT infrastructure in a local, physical colocation facility. RACK59 is Oklahoma’s premier colocation facility. With more power, space and connectivity than our local competitors, we can offer a custom solution to safeguarding your local IT infrastructure and digital assets. 
RACK59 Data Center offers 99.999% reliability, best-in-class design, operations and efficiency on one of Oklahoma’s fastest growing technology campuses. Designed as a mission-critical facility, RACK59 provides 7 layered security, expansive and redundant power, abundant flexible-use space and unparalleled fiber connectivity for today’s data-driven enterprises.

RACK59 has more available critical power than all other data centers in Oklahoma combined. We can facilitate large and small companies and support varying power requirements.


The RACK59 building has only felt 4 hours of downtime since the construction of the building in 1963. During these 4 hours our data center never felt a second of downtime. We are always on and always ready.


We have cabinets ready for you to move in. When you have unexpected growth, we will be here to help you with a quick turnaround.


All cabinets in the data center are individually keyed. We also have cages available with proximity card readers for added protection. All critical infrastructures, including chillers, generators, etc., are either located in the central mechanical building or behind 8ft barbed wire fencing. To access the data center, you have to check in with a photo ID and be on an access list as well as be let through the biometric access.

Fire Protection

RACK59 has a dry pipe fire suppression system. Smoke and heat sensors are throughout the data center. There has to be heat and smoke on the sensors to set them off.

Colocation allows you to put your IT infrastructure in a secure and controlled environment without connectivity restraints. Moving towards a colocation solution helps companies alleviate risk and have better, quicker scalability. Contact RACK59 regarding a colocation consult and data center tour today.

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