Forget what you know about computer gaming and hardware; NVIDIA is about to change everything.

Enter the cloud-based GPU, a revolutionary service slated to take cloud computing to the next level. Gamers will be able to bask in the pleasant experience of playing games through a personal computer or console using powerful GPUs. Jeff Brown, GM at NVIDIA, described the concept as being a “new era in desktop virtualization” that offers “an experience almost indistinguishable from a full desktop.”

This is a huge development for cloud computing that has implications for several different media.

By utilizing virtualization software, users will be able to make use of GPUs hosted as a cloud-based service. The service will act as performance boosts, giving users performance that rivals high-end, expensive computing set-ups. This technology will be most beneficial for laptops and other low-end computing devices. From a gaming standpoint, users will have access to titles regardless of their computer specs, and could play from a laptop, tablet, or even smartphone.

Two such GPUs have been revealed, the NVIDIA Tesla K10 and K20, have been described as “computing accelerators.” They have been designed to take on the existing problems facing performance processing, such as latency.

While the idea of giving a little boost of power to a laptop doing basic computing is appealing, what the public really wants from NVIDIA, understandably, is gaming power. And of course, they promise to deliver. Although the NVIDIA GeForce GRID has yet to be revealed, it’s guaranteed to change the way the “game” is played – literally. NVIDIA explains that the GRID will be mostly used for cloud-based gaming and could be put to use as part of a revolutionary gaming-as-a-service model. NVIDIA is understandably excited for this breakthrough, claiming that such technology could cause a “massive disruption in how games are played and delivered.”