Typically there are 5 levels of security to get into a data center and onto the raised floor. The first level is perimeter fencing that goes all the way around the data center. There should only be one access point for this physical entry so that you know who is coming and going at all times. At RACK59 we have taken an additional level of fencing and we have some interior perimeter fencing in addition to the fence that goes all the way around the campus. This not only allows us to know who’s coming and going through proximity card readers but also allows us to get them on camera. So we have cameras on both the entry at our gate and the parking lot and the entrance in to the data center common area. This allows us to see people and know who they are and know when they are leaving.

The second thing you really want to focus on with external physical security is critical components. So how are the generators secured? How are the chillers secured the Automatic Transfer Switches the Power supplies. Are the generators just sitting in a open field where anyone can access them, walk up to them or run a car into them. Or are they in a building. Are they behind a lock key door and controlled by some kind of fencing or offset so that Joe Blow of the street cannot just walk up to them. Same thing with chillers and Automatic Transfer switches. You really want to ask your data center where those critical components are and how can then general public get to them.

So remember, perimeter fencing, internal fencing, Proxy card readers, security cameras and critically component security features are what you want to look for when picking a data center. 

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