If you’ve decided that perhaps it is time to make the shift to edge computing for your business, but you just don’t think you have the storage space or the manpower to run it, pre-fab data centers may offer the ideal solution.

What Is Edge Computing?

Many businesses are making this critical shift from the cloud to edge computing.

Where the cloud offers potentially unlimited storage space for a relatively low monthly fee, it also comes with cyber hacking risks, interrupted and slow internet speeds, and the potential for cost increases, not to mention that your data is out of your total control.

Edge computing provides the answer to this issue. Edge computing means to store all of your data in house, or “at the edge” of your computing. When you employ edge computing, your data is stored on a server close to you, so it does not affect your internet speed, allowing for more rapid speeds to do your work. This close by storage also means you can access your data quickly and update it more rapidly as well.

And with edge computing, your only risk of cyber hacking is if a person were to physically breach your physical location and access your servers onsite. Much less likely than having the internet breached.

Pre-Fab Data Centers

Still, while edge computing sounds amazing, not every business has the physical storage capacity to keep enough servers and hardware onsite.

And while you can cut costs with edge computing (as all of your costs will be upfront and predictable), how much will it cost you to find that storage space for your data?

Pre-Fab data centers may provide the solution to that problem.

Once only used for mobile homes or construction site business dealings, prefabricated centers are now available for the full range of business, including data centers.

A prefabricated data center is like a large storage container designed and retrofitted specifically for data storage, which means it is engineered for your business specific requirements and built precisely to size for your server space.

They combine power and thermal management and are pre-integrated and factory tested, so they are virtually ready to go once delivered.

From a micro data center to an all-in-one container, and even all the way up to a modular room customizable for size and shape specifications, you can order the pre-fab data center that suits your business needs, and have it delivered to your preferred site.

In the end, the up-front costs may be a bit high, but in the long run, you save not only money but also time and energy. You will have all of your data at your fingertips, under the complete control of your team, and all of your costs will be predictable.

In this day and age, with real world worries of rising monthly costs for tech and power and the unpredictable risk of cybersecurity, edge computing utilizing pre fab data centers is potentially the best answer to our changing world – an answer your clients will be happy you provided.

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