A recent infographic published by CSC illuminates the usage index for cloud computing and shared some interesting facts about how the companies reacted to switching to the cloud. These statistics are helpful when determining the benefits in adopting the cloud. Here’s the breakdown:

33% of companies moved to the cloud in order to gain access to information from multiple devices.

Only 17% cited cutting costs as their main cause. Only 14% of companies downsized their IT departments after switching to the cloud. 20% hired more.

Savings in the cloud are visible but small. 82% of U.S. companies say they saved money by switching to the cloud, but for 35%, savings were less than $20,000. Small businesses saw the least savings. Overall, companies in Brazil saw the most savings.

Companies that switch are in it for the long haul. 65% paid for subscriptions lasting one year or longer on their first contract.

The cloud reduces waste, improves IT departments, and increases proficiency. 47% of companies said their operating costs declined while using the cloud.

Fewer employees resist cloud conversion. 74% of small businesses (50 employees or fewer) reported having no one resist the move.

25% of companies claimed to be more concerned about data security after switching to the cloud. Companies in Singapore were the most concerned about security, while 47% of companies in Brazil said they were less concerned.

The government is slowly transitioning to the cloud services, with almost half of government IT workers saying that they’ve already made the move. There is a new requirement that states U.S. federal agencies must adopt a “cloud-first” policy.

The statistics came from a global survey of 3,645 IT decision makers in 8 countries.  You can view the full infographic here.