We had the chance to talk with Matt Matlock, a Strategic Account Manager with Brocade, about other Oklahoma businesses that are utilizing their product as well as why using Brocade is an advantage to companies.

There are several different sectors of business in Oklahoma that are using Brocade equipment. Some of the sectors include state government, local government, military bases and the oil and gas industry. The oil and gas industry using Brocade has grown significantly. Brocade is partnered with oil and gas in Oklahoma City, Tulsa and Bartlesville. They also have higher education customers including large state universities as well as some of the smaller universities. The universities that Brocade is working with are utilizing data storage products as well as IP network switches and routers.

Matt feels they can point their Brocade customers to RACK59 as we have the knowledge to manage and maintain Brocade equipment. Matt feels that RACK59 is a local expertise and a valuable resource to them.

When selecting a company to purchase switches and routers from, businesses want to know what separates one company from the next. Brocade is separated by local engineering and sales support. Having the engineering involved from pre-sale stage all the way through post-sales is a huge advantage. Companies working with Brocade will have the same engineer throughout the process so that they do not have to re-duplicate information along each step of the way. Also having a field SE that is familiar with a company’s set up is invaluable. That way if they do have to engage with a tech, there is a local engineer on site that can explain what is going on. Brocade has a direct touch all along the way.   Customers know that they can go directly to a field SE without having to go to a channel partner who would bill at an hourly rate for the work. Part of being a customer of Brocade is engineering expertise.

RACK59 felt this exceptional support from Brocade all along the way. It is not a small task to implement new equipment and it was executed very smoothly.