RACK59 had the chance to meet with Rick with Brocade to discuss why their MLX8 platform is a good fit for data centers like RACK59 as well as what other types of clients are utilizing the MLX platform.

The MLX8 platform is a great fit for data centers that need to be able to offer high density to their customers. In other words being able to pack a lot of interfaces into as small as space as possible. It is also important to be able to do this in a manner that cuts down on cooling requirements and power requirements. The reason the MLX fits this scenario perfectly is because it can go from a 4 slot, an 8 slot, a 16 slot and even on up to a 32 slot box. This allows data centers to pack a large amount of density. Each slot can contain a 2/100-gig interface card, a 24/10 interface card, or a 48 or 24/1-gig fiber or copper interface card. Another great thing is that all of these ports are able to communicate with any other port at full line speed.

Some of the people that are currently using the Brocade MLX platform are Rackspace, Databank in Dallas and Cyrus One. These are some of the more obvious customers that would utilize Brocade. The MLX platform is also a good fit for interexchange points. Brocade actually has a majority of the interexchange points in the world. Interexchange points are physical infrastructures where Internet Service Providers (ISPs) exchange Internet traffic between networks.

Anytime that a business needs lots of density, lots of bandwidth and lots of interfaces, Brocade MLX is the product to call on.