If you’ve been utilizing an on-prem data center, but are experiencing issues like:

  • Lack of better ISPs.
  • The expense of maintaining an on-prem data center.
  • Headaches associated with dealing with redundancy, HVAC, and generators.

These are signs that it might be time to switch to a colocation data center. 

Signs It’s Time to Switch to a Colocation Data Center

#1: You don’t have the best access to the best internet providers.

Data centers provide access to multiple internet service providers, with some of the most cost-effective and fast connections. With this unparalleled connectivity and service, companies can perform at their best.

If you’re looking to make a switch to a colocation data center, specifically because of issues with your ISP or lack of options, it is important to choose a carrier-dense colocation data center. Here are 5 reasons why:

  • Data speed and capacity. With carrier-dense data centers, businesses are able to control their costs and reliability through bandwidth flexibility.
  • Large geographical reach for data transfers. Due to the competition present in data centers, businesses have a variety of options when it comes to network providers.
  • Flexibility and support. The infrastructure and staff of carrier-dense centers are able to meet the needs of a business during growth.
  • Redundancy and reliability. Successful businesses opt for more than one carrier, which provides them with reliable options in case of one network’s failure.
  • Peering networks. With carrier-dense data centers, peering networks can be used to share the load, increasing efficiency and reliability. Through efficient, sharing solutions, the business saves money and experiences greater speeds and flexibility. 

#2: It’s becoming too expensive to keep up your on-prem data center.

It’s not cheap to keep such an intricate infrastructure running. Power, cooling and connectivity alone can require a lot of maintenance. When you colocate your hardware data colocation centers have maintenance and staff in place to keep you running and on top of your game. Having around-the-clock monitoring and security can also save you a ton!

#3: It’s becoming a headache to deal with all of the redundancy, additional generators, HVAC, etc. 

To continue to function at full performance, hardware systems need a cool and dust-free environment. Colocation data centers can provide this for you, taking a huge weight, (and expense) off your shoulders. Everything in the environment is taken care of for you, so you can focus on what you are really passionate about. Instead of compromising on power upgrades, cooling systems, and high-speed connectivity, kill ten birds with one stone, and let the data colocation center take care of it for you. Breathe a huge sigh of relief about security, and what you were spending on it, the colocation center can protect you from physical and cyber threats with multi-layer security. They are designed to maintain your business continuity when emergencies occur, so your critical IT equipment can be safe, and you can minimize risks.

With a colocation data center, you have incredible flexibility to expand your contract at any time, depending on your individual needs. The available space can’t be beaten, and it can also save you a lot financially by optimizing space for your unique hardware needs.

If your team would like to further the conversation about how data center colocation can be a benefit to your company’s IT operations, contact our team for an in-person or virtual tour of our data center.