If you own a small business or need your digital infrastructure secured from outside forces and internally lost data, you know the frustrations of finding the perfect security setup. Many businesses use on-premises techniques and public clouds to provide them with security, but there’s a method many businesses make the mistake of missing – and that is the benefits of colocation security.

The Benefits of Colocation Security

Colocation centers offer an added layer of protection that’s not always considered. They provide security benefits in several different ways, which will briefly be discussed in this blog. Your business should consider using colocation centers if you’re worried about your company’s security or data.

Colocation Centers Offer Physical Security

One of the obvious advantages of using colocation centers is the enhanced security you’ll experience from a physical space storing your data. Digital clouds, and even your on-premises digital infrastructure, can’t be physically accessed. Colocation centers can be visited, checked upon, and offer physical guarantees against outside malevolence.

Corporate sabotage is protected against much more efficiently in a colocation center than on your premises. An outside force could access your data or know some encryption passwords, but they won’t be able to physically access a colocation center because of physical security present there.

Colocation Centers Offer Resiliency

Your data should be backed up in multiple locations, and what better location to back up your data than a colocation center, a physical place that specializes in the storage and security of data? Colocation centers offer a distinct advantage because your data and security will always be guaranteed; even when you delete your files off of your physical servers, they’ll always be at your colocation center. 

This simple fact will help you maintain important data and provide a stunning peace of mind which can’t be established with on-premises physical locations or the cloud. Colocation centers can also solve downtime problems faster and more efficiently than most offices.

Colocation Centers Provide Managed Services

You’re not just using the physical location when you hire a colocation center. You’re also using the built-in infrastructure and expertise of those that work there. Colocation centers can help you manage, build, and plan out your digital infrastructure. 

The helpful staff of a colocation center will help you through the process and listen to your instructions and feedback while your data is in their center. This helping hand is rarely offered in cloud services, and you won’t have to rely on paying additional staff to help you establish a robust and high-quality digital infrastructure.

Colocation Centers Offer Network Control

The most important characteristic of colocation centers is that which is rarely thought of by most. Colocation centers are incredibly important from a security point of view because they allow you to define, control, and oversee highly complex and completely private networks and network configurations.

This means you’ll be able to connect workloads secretly, securely, and consistently from one location with another, linking your data points together to create a more robust and manageable network. Colocation centers can provide the anchor or central hub to make this massive task significantly easier and more manageable.

The Possible Downsides of Colocation

While colocation is absolutely more secure and private than either on-premises solutions or cloud management, there are some slight security drawbacks. For example, many colocations don’t offer tools for your business to manually check in on your data and security, meaning you can’t frequently access the security details of your solution. 

You can provide your own security tools of course, but many of these aren’t built into your network or infrastructure, and Microsoft Azure and AWS Security Hub offer more robust options. Additionally, colocation centers often don’t offer some of the more basic security checks that cloud-based services provide. 

They won’t, for example, manage software security or secure bare-metal servers. These can be blind spots in your security with a colocation center which are offloaded by the many security benefits colocation centers do offer.

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