Cory MillerIn an effort to spotlight what’s happening in the technology community in Oklahoma City and beyond, the RACK59 blog will be featuring Q&A’s with leaders in the digital field. From website developers, to entrepreneurial innovators, there are many bright minds doing great work in our community.

To kick off the series, we talked with Cory Miller, who runs iThemes. iThemes “builds high-quality, feature-rich, search engine optimized WordPress themes for businesses, government organizations and bloggers who want a professional website with a polished design without having to pay thousands of dollars for a custom web design.”

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1. Who are you and what do you do (in 140 characters or less)?

I am the founder of iThemes, an Edmond-based company that seeks to make web design fun & easy for do-it-yourselfers and freelancers.

2. What exciting project are you and your company working on?

Our motto is ‘make people’s lives awesome’ – we do that by continually innovating with our products to solve our customer community’s problems in web design.

3. What do you think about the tech community in Oklahoma City?

It’s in the very basic but growing stages. We have some amazing companies (and more importantly people) doing innovative, rockin’ work in web tech and we want to help grow that community here to create more web businesses and thus jobs and revenue for our city and state. We’d love to see OKC referred to as Silicon Pasture.

4. Flashback: Tell us about your experience with tech as a kid – what got you on this path?

I remember Ataris and the first GameBoys and playing Oregon Trail in our school’s computer lab.

I bought my first Mac in 1994. I was using it as a fancy typewriter but signed on to AOL to get on the Internet (even though I didn’t really understand that’s what I was doing). I created my first website in 1998. I’ve always enjoyed technology when it makes people’s lives better and easier.

5. Flashforward: What do you see happening in technology in the next few years?

The web is much like Oklahoma was during the Land Rush — largely unsettled but brimming with opportunity. It’s an exciting time to be on the web. You can stake your claim and with your time and talent make something out of nothing. That’s exciting for me as we see the rapid innovation on the web and seek to be a part of its settling and expansion.

I can’t possibly phantom what innovative, game-changing, world-changing things will happen in the next few years as a younger generation who are digital natives seek and seize the opportunity out there. But like many others, I’m anxiously eager to see these creative endeavors unfold in my lifetime.

Cory Miller photo by Matt Danner