Companies have been growing and thriving in the wake of opening the country back up and returning to normal life. If your company is one such company that’s been expanding and heading into new areas of customer satisfaction and profitability, you’ve probably thought of moving to a service that provides colocation. Colocation allows your business to forego having to worry about the daily headaches and small details of data storage and server supervision, allowing your company to expand and thrive. However, not all colocation services are created equal, and it’s important to know what to look for in such a service. Here are four crucial elements that the best colocation providers have!

A Plethora of Space

The first and most important element your colocation center should have is plenty of space. Space is critically important because without it there’s no room for your company to grow – literally. A nice, spacious colocation center is needed to host a range of servers and keep your data thriving and protected throughout the years.

Space is necessary and crucial for your company to scale, and it provides an avenue for you to go after your goals and needs without worry. Purchasing a center with space is a sign that your company is looking toward the future and is confident that your company will grow in the long term.

A Carrier-Hotel

The second, but still extremely important service your colocation center must provide is a carrier-hotel. This is important because access and availability to a variety of internet service providers will allow your company to pick and choose who they want to work with.

There’s a drastic range of quality and benefits provided by many internet service providers and your company must have access to a wide array of these services in order to better serve your customer and keep choice open and ready. Not every colocation center boasts a wide array of providers – in fact, some colocation centers have as few as two or three internet service providers for their center.

Reliable and Consistent Availability

It should go without saying, but your new colocation center must be up and running at all times of the day. If your center is down, your company’s service will be down, making it impossible for customers to use your online resources and stalling business for as long as your center is down.

Any downtime in business can mean the loss of thousands of dollars for your company, so it’s imperative to choose a service that is consistently and reliably up and running. All data is critical, and your company doesn’t want to miss a second of commerce, no matter when your services are mostly used by the general populace. Find a colocation center that boasts an extremely predictable and reliable stream of operation for your company’s peace of mind.

A Six-Tier Security System

Finally, you want to make sure your data is well taken care of in any colocation center you choose. In order to ensure such security and high-quality maintenance of the facility, you need a six-tier security system. Look for a system that includes: power, reliability, scalability, security, access control, and fire protection.

These six points of security provide a security blanket around your data and ensure a dynamic and multilayered system of backups for your data. 

If you’re looking for a colocation center that provides every need you could think of or want, RACK59 is waiting just for you. You can call today to schedule a tour with their experts and see for yourself why their colocation services will make all the difference for your storage and colocation needs.