The Dream Team of Data Center Security

When people think of data security, they often think only of the tech, the actual cyber hackers out their trying to break in on the internet. If they think of data security at all.

Many in business still don’t know how serious data security breaches can be… until it happens to them. Data security breaches cause millions of dollars in losses every year, and it isn’t only because of technology, though that is a critical component.

The true dream team of data center security is a combination of both physical security and data security. You want to have a safe and secure location with multiple layers of protection as well as the most innovative technology to keep cyberhackers out.

That’s the dream team.

Physical Security

Physical security can mean many things. A truly secure collocation center has its data stored in a remote location, away from where business is conducted, that very few, well vetted people have access to. The data should also be housed in a location with top level external security measures, including armed guards, a gate around the outside of the building and an external perimeter fence that encloses the entire space.

In addition to just the physical barriers and remote location strategies, there should also be multiple levels of biometric devices, mantraps, and security checkpoints, as well as state of the art video surveillance in place. Physical security measures must be taken not just to ward off any potential criminals looking to take down the physical data center, but also to protect against environmental situations that are often out of anyone’s control. Electrical outages and power failures are just one example.

A truly secure data center will have a plan in place, as well as a backup plan, for a backup operational location after any environmental disaster, natural or otherwise. These plans must ensure a seamless transition so that users are not affected by the disaster.

Cyber Security

Then of course, in addition to the physical security, any reputable data center must guarantee the most innovative and cutting-edge technology available in cyberspace. Hackers must be blocked at every angle by IT experts who can think like criminals and are dedicated to preventing any and all intrusions. Furthermore, data center cyber security must offer its clients the highest speed access to their data without interruption or slow and long wait times.

Data Centers must be able to show clients that their services are as good as, and ideally better, than the services they would have if they housed their own data centers. The true selling point for clients is that the data center offers all the same services without the hassle of having to house your own data and secure it, cybernetically or physically.

It is truly a dream team.

Rack 59 Is the Dream Team

Rack 59 offers data collocation centers that have cornered the market on this combination of service and security, with all layers of protection in place physically as well as cybernetically. We have the equipment, the personnel, and the location that meet every single need, and many needs businesses don’t even realize they have.

If you are ready to make the leap to a data collocation center, look no further than the dream team at Rack 59.

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