Why renting in a colocation data center is a good idea

We shared an article with you several years ago via social media on this subject, but felt it was time to cover the topic again. The article was written by Kurt Marko, a regular columnist for the technology page over at Forbes.com. In his piece he shared his experience working on a project that required he assess the pros and cons of colocation hubs for enterprise IT.

Kurt shared, “Cloud-scale data centers are fat, hot and crowded. The question for most organizations is whether owning, operating and managing these increasingly complex, specialized and expensive facilities is the best use of their capital and highly-coveted IT labor or whether, like other capital-intensive assets — think office buildings, shopping centers, semiconductor fabs or even airports — it makes more sense to rent versus own. In most cases, the answer is yes: your next data center should be a colocation facility.” You can the entire piece over at Forbes.com.