RACK59 provides secure | reliable data center services for organizations of all sizes.

Just imagine what it would be like to lose your business data. With no access to information, you could be nearly out of business until you could recreate lost records — a costly and time-consuming process.

Today’s business runs on data. Every business is adversely affected by unscheduled downtime of computer systems and research* indicates that most businesses that suffer a significant loss of information are out of business within five years. Protection of your company’s most valuable asset…your irreplaceable business data…is priority one. That’s where RACK59 can help.

RACK59 is a 30,000 square foot data storage center located on Oklahoma City’s former Lucent Technologies campus. Now 7725Connect, the facility is readapting itself to meet the burgeoning demand for worldwide Mission-Critical environments. The 59 in our name refers to the gold standard of reliability in the data storage business — the elusive five nines— which stands for 99.999% availability of a data system. With its on-site redundant sub-station, robust power architecture and secure environment, RACK59 offers customers an unmatched opportunity to store their irreplaceable data with maximum, long-term reliability.

RACK59’s location means customers benefit from the heavy construction, redundant power and security throughout the campus, as well as the digital infrastructure required for a high-tech manufacturer. All of which adds up to a long-term track record for security and reliability rivaled by few facilities — anywhere.

Because of its colocation model, RACK59’s capacity is completely scalable to meet almost any data storage requirement, and flexible to expand as those storage needs increase. If you need limited access, RACK59 can provide totally secure private data storage areas with state-of-the-art biometric entry systems. All RACK59 customers benefit from the center’s state-of-the-art power, cooling, fiber, fire protection-and-suppression and security systems. The near limitless expansion capability of RACK59 is facilitated by its location within the 7725Connect campus (7725Connect.com).

*Source: Gartner Consulting

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