Here is a great article from about the trends in 2012 in the areas of data storage. The cloud will continue to dominate. RACK59 offers off-site data storage for companies big and small.

By Drew Robb

2011 seemed to be all about Big Data, cloud computing, solid state drives (SSDs), unified storage and integrated storage appliances. So what will 2012 bring? InfoStor talked to several veterans in the storage networking field about what they expect to see.

1. Cloud, Cloud, Cloud

Unlike other data storage fads that come and go within a few months, cloud mania will continue unabated in the year ahead. It has gone way beyond storage and is now very much part of the popular culture, even if few in the general public actually understand it.

My wife’s hairdresser Arnaud, for example, is convinced that his iPhone has a wireless connection to an actual physical cloud that hovers above him as he moves around the city. But regardless of a multitude of misconceptions, expect to hear a whole lot more about cloud computing.

“Storage continues to move into the cloud at a steady rate, as more IT managers begin to understand the value of letting somebody else worry about hardware purchases,” said Mike Karp, an analyst with Ptak-Noel & Associates. “This is going to have a profound impact on a number of things, not the least of which is the bookkeeping that goes on in data centers because the shift to cloud-based services means a shift from CAPEX-based accounting to OPEX-based accounting.”

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